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Welcome to Ijen Homestay

Since is open in 2018, Ijen homestay has been proude to serve the hotel community, we are commited not to providing product quality and services but going above and beyond to ensure our customer are commplitely satisfited, we welcome you look throught to our site all we have to offer

ijen homestay is comfort relaxing place equipped with specification facility such us air conditioning, flat screen TV and free internet accesable.it is very easy to reach ijen homestay via land transportation and the arrival of guests in banyuwangi city from various places can use public transportation or taxi to ijen homestay

Ijen homestay consists of 8 rooms with an area 32M2 available bathrooms in the room and kitchen space for guests. provide comfort to cook themselves equipped with cooking utensils.

Room price : 200,000IDR/day with air conditioning and 150,000IDR/day is equipped with fan.

Ijen homestay provide an standart room with fan and flat screen TV, internet acces free,it price is 150,000IDR/day.

Room facility for two person.

We are realy willing to arranging your vocation to banyuwangi attraction such as : hiking to mount ijen, diving and beach exploring,observation to wild animal at baluran national park. Estimation cost is achieveable.

We also serve transport to ijen crater tours at night to see natural phenomena from burning sulfur gas known as bluefire.

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